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Hey guys & ghouls, I often take pictures of my classmates without them even knowing 
I took pictures of them. Shhhhh don't tell anyone, I know it sounds creepy, but hey I'm a ghost, 
that's what I do, I creep, then I blog...

Draculily doesn't waste any time, she's already flirting with the new boy.

I saw the new students arrive.

I saw the whole accident, Draculily was going too fast and hit a rock in their new car. She's a crazy driver.
She broke her arm in five places. I'm sure she's learned her lesson.

I took this picture when Lagoona was getting bullied by Draculily, things are better now, Draculily felt really bad and now I think they're friends.

Yuk, Cleo, not my favourite person. I took this picture when they were hanging out and still dating. I'm so glad they broke up, maybe now I'll have a chance...I do have a crush on Deuce but no one knows. 

Ha ha, I took this picture when I saw Cleo kissing this normy, now they're dating. But when I took this picture she was still dating Deuce.

Ok, this is going to sound super creepy, but I was there when they went on their trip...of course they didn't see me, I'm a ghost remember...a ghost with a blog...

These pictures were taken when we found out who our new teacher was...Miss De Nile. Cleo was really upset about it, Draculaura was laughing her head off.