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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey I'm back!

My social calendar has been busier than usual and I love it. I am dating Porter and Billy at the same time, I know its not nice and I shouldn't but we're all just friends right now, I haven't even kissed Porter or Billy...yet.
I was out with Billy and I had so much fun. We met in the park and he had this blanket laid out with little snacks and pop, it was really romantic. Well, we did get attacked by bees and had to run to another part of the park, where the old stable used to be but it was even more romantic. We danced and we laughed, I had a really good time. I always feel more myself around Billy, not like when I'm with Porter, Porter makes me feel awkward sometimes.

I promised Operetta I would keep Porter around until she was more solid with her
relationship with Henry. To be honest, I don't think he's really that interested in her but
I would never tell her that, or should I? She is my friend, I'm so confused. Tell me in the
comments section what you would do. 

So what do you think of my hair style? I did it myself. Tell me what you think in the comments section. Plus who do you think I should date and have my first kiss with, should it be Billy or should it be Porter? 

Ok, this was weird
Tammy was giving Operetta a massage plus she clipped her toenails?
It felt like a dream, something is going on, I'll have to ask Operetta.

Yikes I gotta go, so much is going on right now, but I will try to post more often, especially now that things are really getting interesting.

Blog to you soon