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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm back!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I have been so busy, and lets just say
my social calendar is going to get even busier. I will try to post more often, especially
since my life is getting really exciting.

That's Porter in the picture above, isn't he the cutest, he asked me out for lunch, well
he wants to pick my brains about Skull Academy, Operetta thinks he has a crush on me.
I do like him, but I like Billy too.

Minutes later, Billy came to my dorm room and asked me out for dinner
in the new restaurant. I am so excited, what should I wear, I'm so nervous.
This is my first real date with a boy. I'm not counting Porter because it's lunch
and I really like Billy. I hope we have things in common, I hope he will like me.

The other ghouls are really jealous, even Operetta, I did ask Porter if
Operetta could come and if he could invite Henry, Operetta really likes him.
She doesn't even know anything about him, I think she likes that
he has red hair like she does. Porter hesitated at first, I think he wanted it
to be just the two of us, hmmmm maybe it is a date?

Is my first real date with Porter or is it with Billy?

Sorry, no other gossip on the other ghouls today, even if there is a lot, I have
to go, but will get back with more juicy gossip soon.

Love yah ghouls!

Spectra :)