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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm back

Hey ghouls, so sorry I haven't been posting lately, so busy with school and other
stuff. I'm back with some awesome news... I'm in love... but first.....

Looks like Tammy and Kitty are hatching up more evil plans,
but do I care?

Nope, because I'm in love. :)

With Billy... he is so cute and sweet, we're going on a date soon.
I can feel it in my bones, we are going to get a long great and become
a happy cute couple.

It's been kind of tough lately, our dorm rooms got destroyed by a flood.
The exciting part is we're getting new dorm rooms, they should be ready soon.

Rochelle hasn't said anything to anyone, but I know she still loves Deuce.

Close sisters Draculaura and Draculily are having lunch together.

Uh oh, what is Tammy saying to Rochelle, I hope Rochelle doesn't trust her.

I told Rochelle how I felt about Deuce, I don't think she liked it, but
I didn't want to lie to her. I'm so over Deuce now anyways.

Poor Draculaura, I don't think she likes us being in her dorm room.
It is really crowded, she tripped on Operetta's stuff and got really angry.

Uh oh, the sisters are fighting, Draculaura found out about Draculily and Jackson.
Now they are not talking to each other.

Wow, I can't believe there was almost a fight in the boy's dorm room.

Draculaura can't handle seeing Draculily and Jimmy together, she hates him.

Looks like Frankie has a new admirer.

Operetta has a big crush on the new boy Henry.
She didn't like it when she saw him sitting with Annabelle.

Oops gotta go, need to hang up these posters for the big dance.
Blog to you soon!

Spectra :)