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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Did I mention I hate Tammy

I can't believe this ghoul, she just won't leave me alone.
She keeps trying to pump information from me about the other ghouls.

So I had to tell her about everyone. Look who was having lunch together
in the lunch room, but they didn't have lunch, Vampiro felt awkward because
Draculaura was there with Clawd, so he left with Venecia.

Here's one couple I wish Tammy would break up. I don't think she
likes or wants to date Deuce, I think she just gets really happy when
she creates misery. So I will gladly stand back and watch her work.
I guess I didn't mind so much telling her what I know.

She does know about my secret. If the other ghouls knew
I was floating around and listening in on all their
conversations, I wouldn't have too many friends left.

Oh well, thanks for listening to my rant. I will have to deal with 
Tammy. I don't want to help her anymore in her evil plan, afterall
these ghouls are my friends.

Ok gotta go, I think I hear her coming, going to pretend I'm sleeping.

Bye for now :)