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Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Catching Up!

Hey guys & ghouls, sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been so busy studying for our
exams. I want to do really well, so I have been staying up late and getting up early to study. I decided
to take a short break to talk to you, my awesome friends.

Well a few of the ghouls have been on a date this past week.
Frankie and Jackson, they look so cute together, I really hope it works out.

Yuk, there's Cleo, she was on a date with Deuce, Draculaura, made me laugh here, she
can't see anything because Draculily broke her glasses, well she doesn't know that. She sat
with Deuce, she thought it was Clawd, I laughed so hard, I was afraid they heard me.

Here she is again, sitting at the right table. I really hope it works out with these two
as well, they are cute together. 

Uh oh, what is going on here, I couldn't hear so well, I was trying to listen to Cleo and Deuce.
I did hear something about blackmail and school dance invitations? I have to find out more.

That's my ghoul, Draculaura felt bad for running over Venus, I think it was that daydream she
had, about being arrested for murder... I see all folks, I even see your thoughts, I know, I know
it sounds creepy, but that is my gift.

I was going out to lunch with Operetta but being the kind ghoul she is, she volunteered
to take Venus to the hospital, Draculaura wanted too, but she still doesn't have her

Here they are trying to get Venus in the car.


Urgh, here is Cleo, on her date with Deuce, it still hurts, it hurts for Rochelle too, do you see
her in the picture behind Cleo, she was there the whole time, spying on their date. That poor ghoul, at least she got to date him for a little while, I didn' don't see me spying...oops, I think that's 
what I'm doing now...oh well, lets move on :) ...

Venecia and Vampiro together, really? I wonder what Draculaura will say...

I guess not too much, looks like she was having fun with Clawd, they 
were studying together.

Wow a new student and he's cute too...his name is Andy. I don't usually go
for Zombies, but I do like this one.. I must move on from Deuce....

Especially, when I saw this...YUK...!

Uh oh, you are not going to believe what Draculaura did, she say's she's confused
about Vampiro, but she sure was jealous when she heard Vampiro and Venecia were at
the Bistro together.

So jealous, she grabbed a pen and drew mustaches all over Venecia's pictures.
Now I do not approve of this, number one, because you shouldn't destroy someones property, and number two, it's Venecia Bat, one of my favourite movie stars. I won't tell anyone, well because Draculaura is my friend.

Now I definitely laughted my head off when I saw this, someone put spiders all over
Cleo's bed....Yesssss that made me so happy, I couldn't believe it when I saw who did it.

Yes, it was Rochelle, little, sweet Rochelle, she has definitely changed, she used to be
so shy, now she is playing pranks, spying, what is wrong with her. I think
she needs to meet a new boy. Someone who will help her get over Deuce.

Wow, so much has happened, but looks like I'm all caught up.
Just doing a little more studying and then going floating around to find more
gossip for this blog. 

Thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. Please
vote for my site for top doll site, look for the barbie pic on the right hand side of this page.

Blog to you soon :)