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Monday, March 31, 2014

So Much Drama

Hey guys & ghouls, hope you're all doing well. I was just visiting Skull Academy's blog and 
they have just posted pictures of the new students, I guess they'll be starting soon.
Lolita looks nice and Andy is kinda cute. What do you think of the new students?

So, lets get started with the gossip. Looks like Draculaura got some new eyeglasses,
Venecia Bat, broke her last ones, I like these ones too. Draculaura has a big date later with

There has also been some changes at the school, a couple of the rooms got new
bunk beds, looks like Ghoulia really likes it.

Cool, I overheard Draculaura, Frankie and Draculily talking about
their dates, they are going to have some kind of fashion show to pick out
outfits for their dates, sounds like fun, I will definitely be there for that...either ghostly
or as myself.

I should really take it easy with the homework and extra credits and maybe
socialize a little bit more with the other ghouls. 

Draculaura's dorm room also got a new bunk bed, but they are also getting
a new room mate.

Yay, it was me, oh yes, I was the one who told the principal about Jimmy
punching Deuce, not on my watch Jimmy. He got suspended from the school.
So now my Deuce is safe.

Oh no, Draculily has that look on her face again, she's hatching another plan.
She is meeting Cherry at the Bistro apparently at the same time
Draculaura will be there with Clawd. She doesn't want Draculaura to see her
there because she doesn't like Cherry and thinks she is a bad influence on Draculily.
I think she's right.

Oh my poor Deuce has a black eye, but what is this I hear... he's getting
Wow, now I feel like punching Deuce in the face myself.

I don't believe in violence, but I have to be honest with my awesome friends...that's you!
I smiled a little bit when I saw Rochelle slap Cleo in the face, wooo that's going to leave a mark.

Wow, I actually had to shake my head... was Rochelle faking her accent, for a split
second she spoke without her accent... I was so shocked, but maybe it could be something
that happens to her when she's angry, or maybe she is faking it, I have to investigate further.
I always thought she was a nice girl, I can't believe how wrong I was.

I guess liking Deuce makes all of us crazy. 
I just hope I don't start walking around punching people in the face.

Ok, that's all for now friends.

I will blog to you soon.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sorry I haven't been posting...SO MUCH DRAMA

Hello guys & ghouls, I am so sorry I haven't been posting regularly, but don't worry I am
back to my blog, I have missed blogging and have missed you as well. So much has
been happening, I don't know where to start...

Well, first of all, we have a new student at the school, and she is a big
movie star, most of the students here are excited, I am excited. I never thought I would
meet a real movie star, she is so wonderful, but not every ghoul feels that way.
Draculaura doesn't like her, and they are not getting along.

Draculaura actually sneaked into her dorm room to snoop around, while
Venecia was downstairs talking to the teacher. 

Oh great, Cleo will just not leave Deuce alone, and the worst part is, I think
he's falling for her again even though he has been dating Rochelle.

This was so funny and not so funny too, Draculaura could have been killed, I know
she can't actually be killed because she is a vampire, but she definitely would have
broken some bones, but thankfully, Clawd was right there to catch her. Venecia almost
caught Draculaura snooping, Draculaura climbed out the window, I don't think she actually knew 
what she was doing, she just panicked and made the wrong decision to climb out.

She got out in time, Venecia never caught her. Venecia also seems to have a
crush on Vampiro, I don't think Draculaura likes that, even though she was the one that broke up 
with him in the first place. I think she still has feelings for him but was getting tired
of all the drama.

Uh oh, those two just don't get along, Draculaura doesn't like her and
Venecia doesn't like her either...

I saw the whole thing happen, Venecia broke Draculaura's glasses on purpose, 
she knocked them off the dresser and then stepped on them. I love Venecia Bat, but I don't 
like what she did.

Draculaura freaked out, but no one believed Venecia did it on purpose.

Poor Draculaura can't see a thing, she's been walking around blind, walking into walls.

Wow, the other day, I heard Operetta play on her cello, it was so beautiful, 
I almost cried. She is so talented, I wish I knew how to play a musical instrument.

So much drama here at Skull Academy, it feels like I'm the only one that
does any homework around here.

Wow, this was my best part of the day, Deuce broke up with Rochelle, but I don't 
like his reasons, he still has feelings for Cleo...urgh! What do I do, I know she'll hurt him again, now
that Rochelle is out of the picture, I will be there to pick up the broken pieces of his heart.

Oh no you don't, oh no, my Deuce, he got punched by Jimmy, I knew Jimmy was
trouble, but I didn't think he was violent. He hurt my Deuce, but I will not let him get away with it,
not on my watch. I love you Deucey.

I went right to the principal's office and told him everything, I told him that
Jimmy punched Deuce. He assured me that violence will not be tolerated.
Good, I hope they kick him out, Rochelle should go too, she actually liked it when Jimmy punched
her. I'm starting to see it now, that french ghoul is a little bit cray cray.

Well, guys and ghouls, that's all I have for you now.
I will be blogging on a more regular basis. There is so much happening at Skull 
Academy now. I also heard more students are starting here, I guess that means another class.
Now I know why they have been renovating the school, you should see the balcony, it
looks fantastic, great place to study for the big exams.

Ok, gotta to you soon!