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Monday, January 27, 2014

Draculaura & Vampiro broke up...Rochelle in Love?

Hey guys & ghouls, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been busy with homework and working on the posters for the school dance. I will post them here when I'm done, I want them to be perfect.

So as you know, Deuce and Rochelle went out on a date, I overheard Rochelle
tell Abbey that she is in love. I wonder if Deuce feels the same way.  Venus
was spying on Rochelle and overheard her talking about Deuce kissing her.

I bet she will run to Cleo to tell her everything. Spying is not nice ghoul....but
I guess what I'm doing to is spying? I don't think of it that way, I think I'm just
taking advantage of my ghostly powers...oh well never mind :)

What I didn't like hearing was Dracualaura and Vampiro fighting, 
Draculaura broke up with him, I was so sad, they were really cute together.

Those ghouls are horrible, listening in on their conversation...yah I know I know
I do it too, but I don't hatch up evil Cleo and Venus.

They even high-fived each other when they heard Draculaura saying it was over.

Poor Vampiro I feel so bad for him.

Ok gotta go guys & ghouls...
Blog to you soon :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

They're all back from their dates!

Happy new year ghoulfriends, I hope you all had a great Christmas!
My Christmas was great, I got to spend time with my family, we shopped, we skated, 
we had lots of fun. Now I am back at school and eager to start my classes.

Before we left on holiday, Rochelle and Deuce went out on a date.
Things didn't go very well on their date, Cleo kept interrupting, sometimes I really like
that Cleo. Rochelle and Deuce left earlier, and then this happened...


They was a quick kiss, but it doesn't matter, they kissed...
I was sad for a little while..but what can you do, you gotta move on right?

Then Draculaura kind of cheered me up, that ghoul always cracks me up, 
she doesn't even have to try hard... and she got some new eyeglasses... I'm 
so glad she did, most of the other ghouls don't know this but she did walk into
a lot of walls. She looks great wearing her new eyeglasses. 

Draculily told Draculaura everything about what happened after she and Frankie
left Lola's Bistro...Venus and Cleo sat down with Vampiro and Jimmy, she was
flirting like crazy with Vampiro.

She freaked out a little bit, well maybe a lot...

Uh oh, Vampiro is back, good luck Vampiro, sounds like you'll need it.

Well guys & ghouls, I have to go now. I will blog to you soon :)

Spectra :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

GingerLola Package Winners!



Hey everyone, here are the winners from our last giveaway...congratulations to you both.

YouTuber Kelsey dietrich who is almost 11 and lives in Michigan, USA 
won 2 packages, the 'student' and 'we made it' package. 
Your prizes will be mailed out this week.

Youtuber Emilia Isaksson who is also one of our instagram friends eppuemilia
who is 13 and from Finland won the 'fashion' package. 
Your prize will also be mailed out this week!

We want to thank all of you who have entered by subscribing and supporting our channel and blogs. Once you are a subscriber and a friend of our channel and blogs, you will be in every giveaway...we will be announcing the next givaway on the Vamp Moment show soon.

Thank you :)



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