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Monday, April 7, 2014


Wow, it's been a crazy week here at Skull Academy, first my Deucey get's punched in the face, 
now he has a black eye, and now Cleo has a black eye too, Rochelle slapped her.
Wow, those Goyle's have short tempers. 

Rochelle was called down to the office, she was crying all the way
down, crying and crying and crying, it was getting so annoying.

Oh no, what is Draculily up to, for a smart ghoul, she's always
gettting herself into trouble with her crazy ideas. Poor Clawdeen, always
trys to resist being apart of her shenanigans, but always gets talked into

Ahhh, not again, there's Rochelle crying her little heart out, 
wow, she has such an annoying cry.

Nooooooooo, I do feel her pain, I can't believe that Cleo is going
out with Deuce again, has he gone mad?

I'm too upset to blog anymore, sorry guys & ghouls, 
I am just going to go break some pencils, for some reason, it makes
me feel better.

Blog to you soon!