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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost Everyone is on a Date?

Hey guys & ghouls, hope you're all doing well. Looks like a few of the ghouls have dates at
the Bistro. I may be there for real, Operetta wont' stop bugging me about going
with her to the Bistro. So I think I will give in and go, I should really socialize more but
I don't want my school work to suffer.

Poor Draculaura's date didn't start off on the right foot... she found
her eyeglasses broken, she doesn't know that it was Draculily who broke them.

Wow, we have a new student, her name is Lolita, I haven't officially met her yet.

Vampiro is going to the Bistro with Venecia, I think she has a big crush on
Vampiro, but he still cares for Draculaura, she will be at the Bistro too, with
her date Clawd. It's going to be interesting.

Frankie is going on a date with Jackson, those two are so cute together, 
I hope it'll last.

I hope they don't last, Cleo and Deuce, I'm not liking this new Cleo at all, she is acting
all nice, and that's exactly what she's doing... 'acting', there's no way she changed so fast.

And what about Rochelle, what's going on with her, it feels like backwards world
over here at the school lately. Rochelle is slapping Cleo, Cleo is being nice, what is going on.

Wow, new student at the school, his name is Andy, he is British and he is so cute, I think
I have a new crush and his name is Andy and I love the way he talks.

Uh oh, I could not believe what happened here, what was Draculaura thinking?
First of all don't drive if you can't see where you're going, and then
she left Venus there all by herself, I know they don't like each other
but that was really mean. I'm sure Draculaura didn't realize how bad it was.

Her leg actually fell right off, that's Draculaura holding her bloody leg in her arms.

I'm not a big fan of Venus's, but I did feel really bad for her.

Oh Draculaura, what did you do?

Blog to you soon, Operetta is here and she's bugging me about the Bistro again.

Ok...Ok, I'll go :)