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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hey guys & ghouls, Spectra here, so sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been soooo 
busy with homework, but I promise I won't stay away this long ever again. I want to welcome my new
subscribers and friends, thank you so much for joining. The winners for the big package giveaway
have been picked and they have claimed their prizes. GingerLola wants me to thank you for joining and also tell you we will have another giveaway in January and it will also be a good one. The names
of the winners will be announced on Draculaura's Vamp Moment blog...mmm I wonder if she
got more subscribers and friends than I do, I must check on that.

Ok ok, now for some juicy gossip, I know I haven't posted because I have been so busy, but
I was able to float over to Lola's Bistro to spy, I mean check out their dates. My crush Deuce
was on a date with Rochelle. I wish I wasn't so shy, it could have been me sitting there.

Draculaura and Frankie were also at the Bistro, Draculaura was there with her boyfriend
Vampiro and it was Frankie and Jimmy's first date.

Oh and there is my beautiful Deuce, look at him, isn't he the most cutest boy and I love
how he dresses...he is always such a gentleman. Yah and that's
hair and kind of ghostly herself, I'm sorry I don't want to bad talk her, I actually like
Rochelle, she is sweet and has never been mean to me...but I do wish she was out
of the picture.

Jimmy, he is such a player, he was on a date with Frankie and was
flirting and staring at the waitress. I can tell Draculaura getting mad...
I actually saw her kick him under the table a few times... I almost
laughed out loud, which is not a good thing, they can't see me but
will hear me.

HAHAHA way to go Draculaura, she dumped a plate of food on Jimmy...
I actually did laugh out loud but because of all the commotion, they didn't hear me...whew!
You gotta love Draculaura...she doesn't hold anything back. He did deserve it.
Never let a boy treat you like that are all too special for that.

After that Draculaura and Frankie left.

There's Cleo and Venus, if those ghouls spent all that angry energy
on their homework, they would get all strait A's instead of hatching plans
to break up the couples. After this they actually walked into the Bistro
and sat with Vampiro and Jimmy... Draculaura is going to freak out!

You an always count on Draculily, Draculaura's sister to be spyin.
She saw the two of them walk in and she got really suspicious.
She was right to be suspicious, they went inside and sat with the boys.

Venus, could not stop flirting with Vampiro, but Vampiro is a great guy,
he asked her to leave, Vampiro is very loyal.

All Cleo wanted to do is run Deuce and Rochelle's date, she
wouldn't stop talking and interrupting them.

Wow...Rochelle really gave it to Cleo... I thought she was really
shy and quiet, she really surprised me. Rochelle must
really care about Deuce. 

I should just let it go, the two of them do look really cute together.
I need to move on, I heard there was a new student starting
in January. I hope he is cute and smart, funny is good too.

So guys and ghouls, that's me all caught up. 

I have to go pack now, I am so excited, I am going home
for Christmas, actually the whole school is, Skull Academy will
be closed for Christmas. I am sad that we don't do the Kris Kringle, but
I am happy to see my family.

I will post a Christmas message but if you don't get to see it...