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Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey guys & ghouls, feels like I haven't posted in a long time... so much has been happening, plus my computer broke down and I had to wait for a new one.

So, its been really crazy around here in the dorms, seems like most of the 
ghouls are heading off to Lola's Bistro for dates. Makes me a little bit sad that I don't have a date...
Here is Rochelle getting ready for her big date, Abbey helped her get ready, I do have to admit
I think Rochelle looked really pretty.

Then I hear Cleo and Venus in the bathroom, they are heading off to the bistro too
because of Deuce, Cleo wants to ruin Rochelle and Deuce's date.

I watched as Deuce and Rochelle were meeting for their date...
Isn't Deuce the most awesomest guy...he brought her flowers.
I am sooooo jealousssssssssssss!!!!

Frankie and Draculaura were also heading to the bistro for a date.
Draculaura is setting up Frankie and Jimmy, she wants them to start dating because
Jimmy's friend is Vampiro, Draculaura's boyfriend and Frankis is her best friend.

Jackson was in the park playing soccer with his normy friend. 
I think Jackson has always had a crush on Frankie. Jackson's ok,
he's really cute...but very shy.

Draculaura went to get her car, while Frankie was talking to Jackson.

WOW....I have a new crush... Draculaura the silly ghoul almost ran over Frankie,
I saw the whole thing, I couldn't believe it... Jackson risked his own life and
leaped towards Frankie and got her out of the way...
Yes Jackson is my new crush, he is my new hero...
wow, handsome and strong...

So handsome, strong and couragious....I love him!

Draculaura...she didn't even know what was happening, that ghoul
drove up right on the grass...she is cray cray most times... but I love her.
I think I'm the only one that knows that she is already wearing glasses.
She really needs to start wearing them all the time before 
she really hurts someone.

Frankie drove to the bistro, she is still a little upset...

So I flew to the restaurant to see what was happening there, I know...I know
its creepy but are you telling me right now that if you were a ghost, you wouldn't be
doing the same thing? Snooping in on ghouls conversations...:)

UH OH....looks like Cleo just found out her boyfriend was
cheating on her...

Cleo is crazy, she grabbed the cup of water and ...

Threw it in Tommy's face...he did deserve it...

He was on a date with one of the new Bratz kids from the new school down the street.

Oh no, I gotta go guys, my posting time is up, I have to get
back to my homework.

I promise to post more about what happened at the bistro.
You're not going to believe what happened.

Blog to you soon.