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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I hope their date is a disaster!

There is so much going on right now at the school, Rochelle and Abbey went shopping, apparently 
she bought a new dress for her date with Deuce. I really like Rochelle but I am hoping her date
with Deuce is a disaster, does that make me a bad ghost?

Rochelle is even getting her hair done, Abbey is helping her get ready.

There's Venus, she was asking a lot of questions

Mmmm now I know why Venus was asking a lot of questions, she
was doing it for Cleo, Cleo all of a sudden wants Deuce back. 

Deuce is so popular, my dreams and hopes of us being together are fading away.
I must be realistic about this, but don't worry ghouls, I'll be ok.

The dance is coming up and I am sooo excited, the normies are invited 
and there is another new school that just opened up, its called
Bratzster Academy, the dance is just for us monsters and normies but
I'm hoping that some of the Bratzster students are coming.

Maybe I should hang one of the dance posters near their school, so 
they will know about it, the other monsters won't like it but
the more students at the dance, the better chance for me
to find a boyfriend and finally get over Deuce.

Did you know that the school dance has been moved to another date.
Something about us not being able to use the lounge and first floor space for it.
More information coming soon but in the meantime we are working on the signs.

Ok everyone, I gotta go, thanks for passing by and please don't forget to 
vote for my site for top 100 doll sites, just look for the barbie on the right side
of this page. Thank you :)

Blog to you soon!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello my dahlings, did you know that Lola, 
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