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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Too Many Girls and Only One Deuce...

Hey guys and ghouls, sorry I haven't been posting lately,
but I am so upset, I think you know why.
Rochelle is going out with Deuce, I can't believe it.
I think she's even buying a new dress and getting her hair done. 

Seems like everyone at Skull Academy is going on a date.
Draculaura set up Jimmy and Frankie and they are all going out together on
a double date with Draculaura and Vampiro. Sounds like fun.

This was really cute, Vampiro is trying to find a new nikname for was really sweet. Makes me wish I had a boyfriend.
Deuce would be perfect...

... now you're not going to believe this. Cleo still has feelings
for Deuce, I can't believe, I am shaking my head as I type this.
I think I should move on, what do you think.
The dance is coming up soon, and there's going to be a lot of other students
from the schools in the neighbourhood, I hope I'll meet someone there.

I don't think its going to happen with Deuce. I feel sad, but
I must be realistic. You know when things don't look good and 
they're not going your way, don't worry about it... just move on.
It just wasn't meant to be and it means there is something
else out there that is better. It's ok to be sad for a bit, but 
then pick yourself up and get a new plan.

Thanks guys & ghouls, it helps to talk about it with you.
That helps too, when you feel sad, find someone you trust, and talk about it.
It will make you feel better.

Who do you think Deuce should date. Cleo was a bit mean to him, but maybe
she has changed. Rochelle is sweet, and she cares about him very much.

I just hope there's going to be some cute fellas at the dance.

bye for now
blog to you soon!



Saturday, July 6, 2013

Are you kidding me???

Hey gusys & ghouls, so the meeting is finally over, I was walking upstairs when I heard lots of chatter, first of all Frankie was with the Vamp sisters and Clawdeen, Draculaura is setting her up on a date, Draculaura, Vampiro, Frankie and Jimmy are going on a double date. That's going to be interesting.

Then I saw Deuce walking towards Rochelle's dorm room...what is going on?
I rushed over there, as my ghostly self of course... and...
he asked Rochelle out... are you kidding me?
Great, that just bums be out, and writing about it isn't going to help.

After he left, Rochelle was jumping up and down and dancing, she is so happy...
I wanted to trip her....I know that sounds awful.

Ok guys and ghouls, I don't want to write about it right now...
it still hurts, I am going to go work on the dance posters.

Thank's for listening...

Blog to you soon...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Meeting continues....

Hey guys & ghouls, so we took a short break from the meeting and when we got back, Draculaura fell asleep...I think she was actually snoring. Operetta woke her up, looked like she was having a nice dream, she was smiling while she was sleeping.

So we're calling the dance Starry Night Ball...
The dance was suppose to be August 14 or 15 but looks like we may
have to change it, something else is going on, I don't even think the other
ghouls know. I think the school will be closed that day...not sure
but I will keep you posted.

Draculaura and Cleo both put their hands up at the same time, they both want
to do the decorating, so Operetta decided to have them work together, well they
did not like that at all. I wanted to do the decorating, I'm stuff with
the food...that made me a little upset. But they did put their hands up first.

So after Cleo and Draculaura left, Operetta told me to clean up, wow the power
has really gone to her head. 

I am so excited about the school dance, I want to buy a beautiful dress, I want Deuce to notice
me at the school dance, wouldn't it be awesome if we danced and he fell in love
with me right on the dance floor.

Well as you can see, I didn't get any ghostly gossip, this is all first hand info because I 
was there. Well I should keep this short, I want to work on my posters for next weeks meeting.
I want to make them awesome.

Hey guys & ghouls, before you leave can you vote for my site for top 100 doll sites,
it's on the right hand side of this page. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Oh yah, I almost forgot, I checked out Draculaura's blog, you know she has her
own web show on the internet called 'The Vamp Moment Show' it is a really cool
show, but I think I'm the only one at the school that knows. Well she is doing this giveaway
that is really cool, you should check it out...

What a great idea, I wish I thought of that, doing giveaway draws for
my subscribers...maybe I still will.

Blog to you soon.