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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our first Dance Committee Meeting...

Hey guys & ghouls, I need to vent...we had our first dance committee meeting and I feel like I was ignored the whole time, well I did mention a couple of ideas and they didn't like it at all... so whats wrong with a pirate theme? Draculaura took over my scary theme idea and turned into an insult on Cleo. Operetta also acted like she was in charge of everything, she is kind of but the power is really going to her head.

Here is a picture one of the other ghouls took, today's post is not about me floating, what you may call spying on the other ghouls, this time I was actually there..but I may as well not have been there.

Cleo was rude to me and cut me off. I had some really cool ideas on what to call the dance but of course Operetta heard Cleo's idea and decided not to hear any more. Plus I thought my themes were cool, Operetta had a crazy idea, she wanted it to be a country theme, we all said noooo...then Draculaura came up with something and of course Operetta liked it, those two are really good friends, but I have to admit, I really like her idea too, its going to be formal, fancy...I know its been done before, but hey what can I say, we all want to put on pretty dresses right :) I have to start shopping, I want to look amazing, I think I'm going to make my move on Deuce...before he gets involved with Rochelle again, who knows maybe he has a secret crush on awesome would that be.

Ok, our break is over, have to go back to the meeting, we're going do discuss decorations and food, I really want to do the decorations, I love decorating. I'll post about it soon.

Hey guys and ghouls before you leave please vote for my site for top 100 doll sites.

Thank you
Blog to you soon

Monday, June 10, 2013

I couldn't float to two places at once

Hey guys & ghouls, so busy with homework and now I am part of the school dance committee and we have a meeting soon, I want to show up with some really good ideas for the dance.

Well I did find time to accompany Deuce and Abbey on their date, even though they didn't know it.
I couldn't believe my ghostly ears, Deuce still cares about Rochelle, great, just great, looks like Deuce and Abbey are just going to be friends, I'm glad about that but now I have to worry about Rochelle. I just wish I had the nerve to do something about it. Maybe I will at the school dance, I can make my move, I don't care if he's dating Rochelle or not.

I was so busy listening in on Abbey and Deuce's date, I forgot all about Cleo
and Venus, I know they are hatching another plan to break up Vampiro
and Draculaura, I'm so sorry ghouls. I'll do better next time.

Poor Draculily got her whole face attacked by bees, apparently she
was spying on Cleo and Rochelle and she was hiding behind a bush
and yes there was a bee hive...poor thing, I felt bad for her.

Ok guys & ghouls, I gotta go, getting ready for meeting, I have some
good ideas, I think we're going to add a theme to the school dance.

Hey maybe I can tell you some of my ideas and you tell me what you think.
What about a pirate theme, how cool would that be, or how about a scary theme, I know its
not halloween but we are all monsters, or maybe a beach theme? I know it would 
get messy especially if we brought in sand...I don't know, I have so many ideas.

Maybe you can send me your thoughts on this, what theme should the school dance be.

Thanks for stopping by.
Blog to you soon.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

What Deuce is on a date, and its not with me :(

Hey guys & ghouls, how are you all, I'm ok, I guess... the boy I have the biggest crush on 
is on a date with another ghoul. Me so sad :(. Deuce is out with Abbey, personally I really don't think 
Abbey is Deuce's type, she is really nice but she is kind of bossy. I don't think Deuce would like his 
girlfriend to be too bossy. So now your asking... did I follow them to the restaurant and that is a big YES... why not, wouldn't you if you had my ghostly powers. Is it really stalking if you're a ghost?? 

Wow...isn't that romantic... NOT I was listening to their conversation and
doesn't sound like he's interested in Abbey, Abbey took it well, apparently
Deuce still has feelings for Rochelle... great, just great... what am I to do...
Should I just give up on Deuce, the school dance is coming up and the 
normy's are invited, I know this becauce I am part of the committee, no ghostly 
spying there.. maybe I'll meet a nice normy. Tell me what you think ghouls. 
I need some advice. 

Look at Deuce sitting there looking all cool, why Deuce, why do you
have to be so cute and nice. that Draculily hiding and spying on Cleo and Venus.
She is not very good at spying, there was a bee and she
started freaking out and Cleo caught her. Poor Draculily, leave
the spying to the ghosts ghoulfriend.

Those two are at it again, Cleo and Venus are hatching up another plan.
These ghouls should really be doing their homework and studying...sometimes
I feel like I'm in a soap opera with all this drama.

They didn't mention more about the plan... they are getting sneakier, they
are meeting later at the park to discuss the plan more, but I did hear
something about love notes... didn't get there in time to hear it all, I was
staring at Deuce a bit too long I guess. Ill find out more later.

Hey guys & ghouls, that's all I have for now...I'm going
back to the school and sticking my head in a big tub of ice cream. 
I just hope I don't run into Rochelle.

Blog to you soon :)