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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wow check out this new giveaway!

Hey guys & ghouls, I heard about this new giveaway and I thought you all would be interested in entering, check out the video for more information. They are giving away 5 doll meals to 5 winners! Stay tuned to their channel and blogs plus I will post any more news here offering you more ways to get even more chances of winning.... First of all you must be a subscriber to their YouTube channel and at least one of our blogs to get 1 entry.... if you subscribe to all 3 blogs (that includes my blog) you get 10 more entries, so now you have a total of 11 chances to win in our giveaway. They will be posting more ways of getting more chances so by the time they do their draw in May, you  may have your name in the draw up to 50 times or even stay tuned and come back often to my blog and theirs. One of the blogs is the schools blog, but I think it's Lolas Mini Homes who is hosting the draw, they build cool houses and furniture. 

Thank you & good luck :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Am I Crossing the Line

Hey guys & ghouls, Draculaura is still yelling at poor Vampiro, if only she knew the truth. I know I know, I must do something about it. I got some great ideas from some of you.

Am I crossing the line, while all the ghouls were sleeping the other night I took pictures of them, yes, while they were sleeping is that creepy? I wanted just to take pictures of Deuce, but I got carried away and started taking pictures of all the ghouls, I will share them here for the next few posts.

Am I being creepy? Oh well anything for you guys, gotta come up with some good stuff for this blog. Tell me what you want to see here.

Here is Clawdeen all snuggled in. She sleeps quietly.

Here are the Vamp sisters all tucked away in their coffins, kinda creepy but I can't say
anything, afterall I am a ghost, I suppose that's creepy too.

Draculily sleeps quietly.

Yikes...Draculaura snores so loud, I can feel the school shake.
I don't know how her sister Draculily and Clawdeen sleep, the noise would drive me crazy.

Awww Deuce, the boy of my dreams....he sleeps like an angel, I took many more pictures of Deuce, 
I will share them with every post. I could just sit here all night and watch him sleep...ok ok, you're right
I am getting creepy, but that's ok, what they don't know, won't hurt me :)

Just don't tell anyone...

Blog to you soon...


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Draculaura's Return

Hey guys & ghouls, remember my last post, I was really upset about Deuce and Rochelle, well I left the restaurant and wasn't there to keep an eye on Draculaura...but now I hear her downstairs, I think she's on her way to confront Vampiro about the date she thinks they were suppose to be on, but it was all Venus & Cleo hatching their evil plan, I hate to say it but their plan worked. Ok I'm going to go check it out, put on my ghost persona and float over there...


Oh those girls are so mean, to add salt to the wound, they were making fun of Draculaura. Draculaura had no time or patience to argue with them, her focus was on getting to Vampiro and yelling at him...

Wow Draculaura was so mad, I think she was more hurt than mad. She really cares for Vampiro, but stop ghoul, it wasn't him, he's innocent, it was the evil Venus and Cleo....oh what am I to do....?

I was on the phone with my mom, she is so wise, I always talk to her about this stuff, even when I think she won't understand, she always does. She gave me some good advice, I can't stand back and watch this couple break up, I must do something about it. I must find a way of letting her know without her know where the information is coming from, afterall I don't want to stop my blog, if the ghouls knew at the school what I was doing, it would be the end of my blog and my friendships at the school. 

Ok I gotta go and think... Thanks for listening, I really appreciate you guys stopping by and reading my posts and your support gives me strength. I know I'm doing the right thing.

Ok I don't like asking again but would you please vote for us for top 100 doll sites...just on the sidebar...look for barbie, thank you so much ghouls, you guys are so awesome. 

Blog to you soon!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Poor Draculaura....

Hey guys & ghouls, I hope you're all doing well, feels like I haven't blogged in awhile. I want to welcome my new subscribers...please take a second and vote for us for top 100 doll sites on the right hand side. 
Thank you .

Well I floated on down to Lola's Bistro to keep an eye on Draculaura, poor thing thinks she has a date tonight meanwhile Cleo and Venus set the whole thing up. I am so furious at them but I couldn't do anything to stop it...I am really not liking those girls right now.

Wow a new waitress at the bistro...her name is Cherry, and I'm not liking her...
she seems kind of dull. Easy on the make-up girlfriend, am I right ?
Poor Draculaura excited and nervous but for nothing, no ones coming Draculaura, I wish I could
tell you.

Oh, that's nice, my room-mates went to dinner and they didn't even invite me.

Poor Draculaura, here is Operetta, she is funny but I'm a little mad at her now, 
she didn't even ask if I wanted to come to the bistro with them...have I mentioned this already?
I thought we were friends, but now she has new shiny I'm sad.

What oh, no way, no way, are you kidding me right now...move your big head out of the way Venus, is that Rochelle and Deuce sitting at a romantic table...NOOOOOOOOOOO....
That girl does not waste any time.

I gotta go now ghouls, feeling really upset right now. I'm heading back to the school, I can't handle listening to them on their romantic date.

Me so sad :(

Blog to you soon

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hey guys & ghouls, we have our big 

Monster High Doll giveaway winners!!!

The Draculaura doll winner is YouTuber: 

TheUltimateMHF who lives in Spain.

The Frankie Stein doll winner is YouTuber: 

skylexiemcdaniel she lives in Baltimore Maryland.

Congratulations to you both!

Look out for our Skull Academy episode where Frannie and Draculena say good bye to the other ghouls. Will it be a tearful goodbye, or will it be a happy one...stay tuned :)

We will be starting our next giveaway soon. 

We are thinking about what to give away for our next big draw, we want it to be bigger and better... so we're thinking about these items as the prize....tell us what you think by commenting on this post.

Doll Food ( check out the video on our channel)


Vampire Coffin


Bratz Dolls

Send us your ideas. Thank you!

Before you leave please take a few seconds and vote for our site for 'top 100 doll' sites.
Thank you soooo much!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

We have a winner !

Hey ghouls, we want to thank all you for entering this draw, we wish we had 1000 dolls to give away because we love each and every one of you, we would love to spoil you. 

We have already confirmed 1 winner in our doll giveaway, because she claimed her prize first she has first pick of which doll she wanted, she chose Draculaura or as we call her Draculena...we will be doing Draculena's goodbye in an upcoming episode of Skull Academy.

The Draculaura doll winner is YouTuber:  TheUltimateMHFan she lives in Spain.


We're still waiting for the other winner to claim
her prize which right now is Frankie Stein.

Don't worry my friends, we will be having another
giveaway soon. Please comment on this post and tell me
what you'd like us to give away, we were thinking
maybe the vampire coffin, maybe a Bratz doll,
we will keep looking for more Monster High dolls to 
give away... send us your thoughts...

Thank you :)

Ginger Lola