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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Those ghouls are making me soooo mad

Hey guys & ghouls, all through the school house all you could hear today was Venus & Cleo's screetching laughter....their evil poor Draculaura's expense.

Draculaura was so excited, she got all dolled up and looked really pretty. Too bad Vampiro won't be there.
Venus sent a fake email to Draculaura changing their date to tonight not tomorrow night and she believed it and why wouldn't she. So now poor Draculaura will be sitting there all night waiting for Vampiro and he will never show up, I know Draculaura and her temper, she will get all crazy and probably break up with him even before he has a chance to explain.

Ohhhh wait a minute, I can't believe this, Rochelle asked Deuce out, for someone who acts so sweet and shy she certainly gets around. He said yes, urgh...!!!! I can't believe it...I did overhear Jackson and Deuce talking, doesn't sound like he wants to date anyone right now, but who knows what tricks Rochelle has up her sleeve. She certainily isn't shy when it comes to Deuce...

Ok thats it for now, I am getting so angry while writing all this, I need to relax, I think I'll take a hot bath, hopefully it'll cool me down :)

Don't worry I will be floating to the restaurant to check on Draculaura...those evil ghouls are also going so they can see their plan in action...ok ok I really have to go now, just thinking about it is making me crazy, and I'm usually a mild tempered ghost.

Blog to you soon

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are you kidding me .... ?

Hey guys & ghouls, how are you all doing? I'm not doing very well...I'll tell you why...but first...

Looks the Vamp sisters are talking again and not shouting at each other, those ghouls are always fighting but they are sisters and love each other. Draculily actually apologized to Draculaura, I could not believe my ghost ears.

Again I could not believe my ghost ears when I overheard Abbey talking to Rochelle.
Abbey has a crush on Deuce, are you kidding me and Rochelle basically told her to back off, which I liked hearing but only because Rochelle wants to start dating Deuce again. Dag nammit, can they just leave Deuce alone, I want to date him but he has all these girls after him, where do I fit in. I hardly even talk to him and when I do, I start giggling like a young school girl...which I am more or less.

Someone else wants their old boyfriend back too. Venus approached Vampiro and told him to break up with Draculaura so they could start dating again. Vampiro said no...whew... I think Draculaura and Vampiro make a really cute couple. Venus seems nice, well she is mean to Draculaura but only because of Vampiro, she is nice to the other ghouls. Uh oh, she is teaming up with Cleo now and that can't be good...

Then Cleo showed up and the two of them are hatching an evil plan to break up Draculaura and Vampiro.
This school is like a soap opera, always so much drama and hatching of evil plans. I can't wait for school to start next week, maybe most of the drama will end...I doubt it will but nothing wrong with wishful thinking. Actually if the drama stops, there won't be much for me to write about, ok ok I take it back.

So their evil plan was simple, Cleo was suppose to lure Jimmy out of his dorm room and Venus would sneak in there and use Vampiro's computer to send a fake email to Draculaura. Those ghouls are so evil. I wish I could have stopped it, but I'm a ghost, when I float around from room to room I can't do anything, I can't touch, I can't speak even if I did, they couldn't hear me. Plus I can't tell or warn anyone what I heard, they would find out about my spying and that would be the end of my blog and all the juicy gossip I hear.
Sorry Draculaura, I will just have to have faith and believe that it will all end well.

Here is Venus, putting their evil plan to work. I wish I could have stopped her.

Dag nammit, here is Draculaura receiving the email. Gosh darnit, I felt so bad and wanted to say something really badly. Draculaura was so excited about her date. I will float to the restaurant to keep an eye on her... 

You're probably all thinking that I should have said something, but like I said above, that would be the end of this blog and most likely the other ghouls would never talk to me again. I will just have to be there to console Draculaura and hopefully change the outcome without revealing too much.

What would you guys and ghouls do, if you were me?

Thanks for reading my blog.
I gotto go now and stick my head under my pillow. I feel so bad.

Blog to you soon.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

I spoke to Deuce you believe it?

Hey guys & ghouls, you're not going to believe this...I spoke to Deuce today, wow, he is sooooo cute and adorable, sweet, nice, and I can go on and on. He is still wearing the necklace I made him for Christmas and he is also using the cologne I got him, he smells so good. I wasn't speaking to him long, all of a sudden I got the nervous giggles and had to walk away. I would love to ask him out for a date, but I am too shy.

I was so excited about talking to Deuce that not finding someone to switch rooms with me isn't upsetting me that much anymore. I suppose I can always do my homework in the classroom, lounge or even the park.

Draculaura and Vampiro are going on their first date tomorrow night. She is so excited, I hope it goes well. I have had my issues with Draculaura but I do like her.

Meanwhile downstairs Cleo and Venus are becoming friends because they have the same enemy...Draculaura. They are hatching up a plan to ruin Draculaura's date. I can't mention anything to her, I really don't want my roommates and house mates to know I am spying on them.

Ok I gotta go...guys & to you soon....I have to go see if I can remove this smile off my face, 
my jaws are starting to hurt :)


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lots of Meddling...

Hey guys & ghouls, how are you all doing? I'm doing ok... its hard to get a lot of work done here, because there is so much drama, I basically disappear and float around so I can get some juicy gossip for this blog and my readers. 

Well I overheard Draculaura and Frankie, Frankie was upset at Draculaura for confronting Draculily about Max, I think Frankie just wants to forget the whole thing and move on, but you know Draculaura, she has to drag stuff out and get involved.

Then she gets into a fight with Cleo...Cleo is mean so I'm on Draculaura's side, whatever it is.

And then...she confronts Max in the lounge, she's trying to find out what his intentions are with her sister, I think her hearts in the right spot....but her delivery is all wrong. Well Draculily walked in and then Draculaura and Draculily started fighting... I think they have a love / hate relationship, I know they will make up later, they always do, afterall they are sisters.

Oh well that's it for now, I will be taking pictures of all the guys & ghouls while they sleep, why ? you ask...
because I can, I'm a ghost and I think you guys would love to see it, am I right ?

Thanks for reading my blog and voting for me for top 100 doll sites. You are awesome!

Blog to you soon!