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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The drama never ends here...

Hey guys & ghouls, I hope you're all doing fine. Thank you so much for writing to me, your comments are really helpful and they give me confidence. My hope of switching rooms is quickly fading away, I will ask the other ghouls later this week, so far things have been more quiet than usual in here, maybe freaking out the other day helped, that's not like me at all, I don't like freaking out and I will make sure I won't do that again, I am embarrassed about it now.

Clawdeen was doing her nails again, that ghoul really needs to get out more, or maybe she should go to beauty school.

Draculaura and Cleo had a some kind of argument, I'm glad I was there, I heard the whole thing...she was accusing Draculaura of stealing Venus's boyfriend... which is kind of ironic because now she is trying to give Draculily advice about her relationship and how she stole Max from Frankie, but they were not even dating... I don't know what the whole ghoul code thing is about, does the ghoul have to be dating the guy or just a crush is enough? I don't get it. I think in Draculaura's case is different, she used to date Vampiro along time ago, he's from her hometown, so there were always feelings there...maybe I ' wrong...

I don't think Draculily is going to take Draculaura's advice. We all have to learn lessons the hard way.
I hope Draculily will start acting more mature.

Ok gotta go now, I need to take advantage of the quiet in here and finish studying. School starts next week and I want to be fully prepared. They made some small changes in the classroom and there's a new teacher. I heard she's really tough, tougher than Miss DeNile. Great that's all we need.

Bye guys and ghouls, please don't forget to vote for me for top 100 doll sites. I really appreciate you helping me out on that. You are awesome.

Blog to you soon :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

I can't take it anymore.....

Great, new roommates, means more noise, less privacy. How can I work in this environment, I think most of these ghouls forget they're at school not at a social event. I went to Rochelle's dorm room to see if anyone would switch with me, it is so nice and quiet in there..there is also four roommates but they are definiltey a lot quieter in there. Well no one would switch with me, I think they know why I am trying to get out of there, there's got to be a ghoul here that will switch rooms with me... I will keep on looking. Maybe Cleo would switch with cool would that be being next to Deuce's dorm room. Wish me luck ghouls.

Here is Operetta, showing off on her musical instrument me a headache.
The other roommates, Robecca and Oceana seem to like all the noise she calls music. Is it me, am I being too sensitive, expecting peace and quite so I can concentrate on my school work?

Well enough about me.
Here is some juicy gossip from the school. Draculily is dating Max, normally that wouldn't make the news because Draculily has a new boyfriend every five minutes...poor girl just can't keep a guy. But this time she is dating Max, Frankie has a crush on Max, nothing has been happening there but when she found out about Draculily and Max, she lost it. Just a side note ghouls, don't ever bang your head against the wall, it is very dangerous and not worth hurting yourself. I know you ghouls are smarter than that.

I don't know what's going to happen there, but knowing Draculaura, she will definitely get involved and try to fix everything. She likes to fix other peoples problems, but it always backfires. Oh well good luck to her.

Thanks ghouls for listenting to my rants. You guys are so awesome. I want to welcome my new subscribers, thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. Don't forget I'm a ghost so I can see and hear all the juicy gossip at the school. 

Please vote for our site before you leave for top 100 doll sites...thank you so much :)

Blog to you soon!
Spectra :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh Great New Roommates...

Hey everybody, I am not a happy ghoul today...while the school was closed for the holidays, they came in and did a lot of renovations, they finished the boys dorm room which I think looks really cool. What I didn't like is they put in two bunkbeds in the dorm room I share with Operetta so now there will be four of us in this room. I am so mad, I like it so much better the way it was before. Plus I wish instead of having a vanity I would have a desk so I can work on my homework and my blog.

Lagoona's twin sister is in the room with us, but Lagoona is in another room, I wonder if Lagoona would switch with me, they have an awesome desk in their room. I will ask her later, I'm sure she would like to be with her sister in the same room right?

Well Draculily was back today with a new boyfriend, that girl has a new boyfriend every five minutes, it's Max a normy that goes to the school down the street, he is the same guy that Frankie had a bit of a crush on. I wonder how she will feel when she finds out Draculily is dating him now.

I of course see everything here, because you know I'm a ghost... here is a couple of picture of the new students at Skull Academy.

These new girls better stay away from Deuce. I know Rochelle hasn't stopped thinking about him and she's been lingering around him. I have to do something so he can notice me.

Here is also a picture of Draculaura kissing her new boyfriend Vampiro, he used to go out with Venus, they broke up before Christmas because Vampiro still cared for Draculaura, they used to date along time ago. It's really sweet, I think their relationship will last.

Well that's all for now guys & ghouls, I have to go find Lagoona and see if she'll switch rooms with me. I'll miss Operetta but I think I will get along better with Rochelle, she's quite like me.

Thank you for reading my blog. Don't forget to subscribe.

Blog to you soon!
Spectra :)