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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Will they find out it was me?

Hey everyone, how are you all doing. Thank you so much for voting for my friend Ginger 
from, she didn't win but came in top 5 which is pretty cool 
and she's happy with.

So there has been a lot of talk about 'anonymous' the person who sent Draculaura the anonymous email telling her that Cleo and Venus sabotaged her date with Vampiro, they are talking about 'ME' yes I was the one who sent the email, I felt really bad for Draculaura and I wanted to help her.

Everybody was discussing 'anonymous' me...should I worry, I really don't want anyone
to find out it was me, then they'll know about my blog and all the things I have
been writing about them. That would leave me with no friends. Maybe I should
tell Draculaura... she has her own web show and also a blog...she is
actually doing a draw and giving away doll meals, and all you have to do
is subscribe to her blog 
I subscribed...those doll meals look delicious. 

Cleo and Venus were freaking out, they don't know how Draculaura
found out about their sabotage, they thought they were being careful but someone
must of overheard their conversation.

Uh oh, Cleo asked Clawdeen if she knew anything about Draculaura 
finding out... Clawdeen told her about the anonymous email that she got,
Cleo couldn't believe it...

The only ones that were not talking about it was Jimmy and Vampiro, Jimmy
was trying to get Vampiro to set up a date with him and Frankie...

So Cleo thinks there's a spy in the school house and thats how they found out
about the evil plan... she thinks someone overheard them talking...and that the
walls are paper thin... little does she know that it was me...Spectra with my
ghostly self... she made plans with Cleo to meet at the restaurant thinking that it 
will be safe to talk there...but nooooo I will follow them there, or maybe I should
just leave it alone before I get caught. What do you ghouls think...please tell me what 
I should do.

Ok guys & ghouls, I have to go study, and keep an eye on whats going on here.

Blog to you soon !