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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey everyone, we hope you're all doing well.

We are extending our giveaway to this friday, we will be having the draw on Friday
and will notify you right away who our winners are.

There is still quite a few subscriptions that have not been verified,
so we're giving them a couple more days.

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We will be having another giveaway very soon.

Have a happy and safe halloween.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Draculaura told Deuce everything!!!

Wow, big news, so you remember I mentioned in my last post that Cleo was sitting on Tom's lap, Tom who is now dating Draculily, well Draculily caught them and told Draculaura, and of course Draculaura can't mind her own business so she told Deuce everything. That's all I know right now. Will keep you
posted. So much drama in this school, they should really go to class more.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cleo is cheating !

You're not going to believe this, thats why I took a picture...again another shot taken from under my arm pit, I couldn't have danced through the room and they probably would not have noticed me...

I saw Cleo flirting with Draculily's new boyfriend. She has the best boyfriend in the world and this is how she treats him... I wish that Deuce knew about my blog so he could find out. I don't want anyone to know. There are things written here that could get me in big trouble.

I'll find out more and tell you guys, so make sure you subscribe and share my little blog with your friends. People must find out what Cleo is really like.

Blog to you soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am so jealous of her....!

Wow, that Cleo is soooo lucky, her boyfriend treats her like gold, she doesn't deserve it. I just saw Deuce's new car all fixed up and it is gorgeous, I am so jealous of Cleo.

Well on to something else...there are some cute normies attending the new school down the street. Draculily is already dating one of the new guys, and I think Frankie also went on a date with one of them.
Wow I wish I had a date I am really busy with my school work and blog but it would be nice to have someone bring me flowers and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I don't know how long it will last with Draculily, she is too clingy and it drives her boyfriends away...poor girl is desperate.

Oh well, gotta go...Draculily is on the phone with her dad and I'm trying to listen, I know I know real creepy, but how do you think I get all my info...

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cleo is so mean!

Hey guys and ghouls, I really really don't like Cleo...she is so mean. Her boyfriend (the love of my life) Deuce, bought a car to drive her around and she hates it. She was whining about it, can you believe that, she is so ungrateful.

Draculily has another boyfriend, that ghoul gets around, she is getting a bad reputation but I don't think she cares, she'll care later when more people start talking about her. Draculaura tries to talk to her about it but she won't hear any of it, she is also so clingy, I guess thats why boyfriends don't last with her.

So much drama...I wish I was in some drama too instead of writing about it. Maybe I should get some courage and talk to Deuce? He only has eyes for Cleo but he must realize that she treats him badly.

Oh well what can you do...
I took a picture of the car, it is kinda lame, but still it has four wheels and gets you places right?
It was the thought that counts.

It's not that bad is it, I know if Deuce got this car to drive me around, I would give him lots of hugs and then tell him to fix it, but nicely.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So much Fighting....I love it!

Wow, things were crazy here, so much fighting, I didn't even have to sneak around to listen on their conversations, you could hear them fighting from everywhere.

Cleo is mad at Deuce, because she was led to believe that it was a romantic date between the two of them... and now Deuce is saying he's going to buy a car to make her happy, he'll do anything to please her, I don't know what he sees in her, she's always so mean. Doesn't he know that I would treat him right...I would treat him like a king...oh well what can I do, he is really in love with her.

It doesn't stop there, Cleo and Draculaura were almost fist fighting...they were yelling at eachother, and if Frankie didn't stop them, there would have been blood... to be honest I would have loved to see that, it would be nice to see Cleo with a black eye...even though I don't believe in violence, people should never hurt eachother. Well things calmed down.

The best part was that Cleo was freaking out and no one touched her, she found out that her sister Nefera is engaged to her ex-boyfriend. I don't know why Cleo and Jake broke up but it seems to me that Cleo is sounding jealous. Maybe there is hope for me and Deuce after all.

Ok gotta go to bed now, so much excitement. Please subscribe to me ghouls, you could win a free laptop if you do. And don't forget to send in your art, they are even excepting art from beginners, draw or paint anything you like and who knows your art can be hanging in the new restaurant, how cool would that be.

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