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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I almost got caught!

Hey everyone, lots of news this week, I almost got caught, I was speaking to my mom on the phone about this blog and then in pops Clawdeen, I don't think she heard anything. I have to be more careful.

There's a new student in school, her name is Lagoona, she seems nice. Draculaura was showing her the tour, of course it had to be her, she acts as if she owns the place. She's never been mean to me but she thinks she knows it all and that bothers me.

I overheard Draculaura talking to Lagoona about Draculily and Jackson, he tried to kiss her, wow...I wish I got a picture of that, I need to carry my camera with me everywhere and start taking more picture and sharing it with you guys.

That's all for now, subscribe for all the latest gossip at Skull Academy. I hear rumours of a new teacher at the starts up again next week, and I am excited. I want to meet some new boys.

Bye for now.

Friday, August 10, 2012

School Break

Hey ghouls, just found out school is on break for a week, I will miss my ghoul-friends so much, but I am happy to see my family.

Bye ghouls see you soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Uh oh, another student?

Hey ghouls, hope you're all doing well. I want to welcome my new friends, thank you for joining.
Not much has been going on, Rochelle and Deuce still kissing, do you believe that? Cleo is furious.
I have a crush on him but have decided to leave it alone, between Rochelle and Cleo there is no room for me. Well speaking of more room, I may get less of it. There's a new student starting in a couple of days, or at least that's the rumour, I hope they don't put her in here, its already crowded because of all Operetta's stuff, there's barely room for me. Well I'll keep you posted. I hope she's nice.

Thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to join it so you don't miss anything.
Bye for now ghouls :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hey Ghouls, just writing to say hi, almost got caught, Draculaura was just in here, she just left with Operetta to go to her room and I was pretending to read something online, whew...I really don't want them to find out about this blog, its about my inner thoughts. Draculaura is nice, she can be sarcastic at times and I know she doesn't get along with Cleo, but she's always been nice to me. Operetta is her really good friend and she made Draculaura a beautiful outfit. Maybe she'll make me one too one day, but I do love my dress. Ok gotta go, I hear someone coming.

My Roommate Operetta

Hi again, it's Spectra, not much has been going on, my roommate is taking over our dorm room with all her stuff, she designs clothing so her manequin is here and she has this big trunk, I like my room tidy. She seems really nice so I won't fret about it. I did take a picture of her while she was sleeping, I'll try to take more pictures to share with you.

My bestfriend Rochelle is back together with Deuce, I think I mentioned this already. Cleo is really mad, she is threatning to break them up, between you and me, I wouldn't mind if she did.

This is Operetta, my roommate, she's sleeping shhhhh...I will try to get better pictures.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rochelle & Deuce

Hey ghouls, just been transferred to my new school Skull Academy and what a week its been. My best friend Rochelle has been crying all week because of a boy, Deuce, I love that name, he's really cute too. I told you about him in my last post, I like him, oh wow I said it out loud again, well she was crying over him because she though he still cared for his last girlfriend Cleo, but he was just comforting her and still wants to date her, Rochelle. I don't know how to feel, I feel so bad, I am acting happy for her but inside I wish he was dating that wrong, I know it is...I'll just have to keep this to myself.

I haven't told anyone about my blog, I don't think they would understand. I just met my new room-mate Operetta, I hope we get along.

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My Dorm Room

Wow I love my new dorm room, check it out, it even has a vanity, the other ghouls don't have a vanity...yes I feel special...:)

So Ghouls have you subscribed yet...don't you want to know all the juicy, scary gossip from Skull Academy? I can't wait to share you all the dirt...because these ghouls are crazy, always crying, a couple of mean girls, and Deuce,  you gotta meet Deuce, he is so handsome and sweet, and my best friend Rochelle is dating  him. I hope she doesn't see this, nobody knows how I feel...I like I just said it out loud. Uh oh, someones coming, I gotta go...see you soon!

My New School

Hey Ghouls, check out my new school Skull Academy. I'm so nervous, I hope the students are nice, and I hope I have a cool room-mate. Well I 'll tell you all about stay tuned and join my blog.