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Monday, December 17, 2012

Kissing at Skull Academy

Hey guys and ghouls, you're not going to believe what the new boy Jimmy did. He hung some mistletoe in the lounge and kissed most of the ghouls at the school.

Ofcourse Draculily was kissing him like crazy, I thought he was choking, he couldn't breathe. I think Draculily thinks that he's in love with her because he kissed her, vampires don't  have the same traditions as us ghosts and other monsters do, so I don't think she understood.

Then there's Cleo who never misses the opportunity to kiss another boy, she has a boyfriend too but she didn't seem to mind it at all.

Then there's Draculaura, she doesn't like people invading her space, and she didn't really know what the whole mistletoe thing was about, but Jimmy went ahead and kissed her...

I'm sure he regrets it now, Draculaura started pounding on him, punching him etc... I don't believe in violence I think she took it too far, but that's Draculaura for you, she's hot-headed.

Vampiro had to pull Draculaura off him, then they found themselves under the mistletoe and they kissed, I couldn't believe it, Vampiro has a girlfriend, I know he has a history with Draculaura, they used to date awhile ago, but I know Draculaura still has strong feelings for him.

It was kind of awkward afterwards, Vampiro apologized, I guess because he has a girlfriend and is kissing another ghoul, but I think Draculaura now knows that she still has feelings for him.

I have no idea what is going to happen next, all I can say is I am sooo glad I'm a ghost and I can see all this just by floating in and out of rooms.

Oh no, I got go now, I have to go shopping for my Kris Kringle - Secret Santa gift, I picked Deuce and I am so happy about it, I want to get him something special. I hope I can find the perfect gift.

Blog to you soon...
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