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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I hate Mr. Bones

I hate Mr. Bones, I was bursting to go to the bathroom in class today and he wouldn't let me go.
I almost peed my pants. He was in a bad mood today, he's usually really nice.

The second class started today and there's a new teacher, I don't know who she is yet, they are still in class. I hope whoever it is they are nice and at least fair.

Frankie's hair looked much better today and I can't believe she was actually on time.
I saw Draculaura rushing to get to class, she was probably late too. Deuce and Cleo were in the
lounge kissing... please not in public.... I don't want to see or hear that... all I heard were kissing
sounds yuk... I wish it was me :(.... oh well must move on... I want to learn more about Max, you know
the cute normy... Frankie likes him too but I figure he's up for grabs, so lets see who gets him.

I want to hear from you ghouls, no one ever write me, I'm starting to feel sad about it.
So write me ghouls. Post a comment on my blog, and don't forget to subscribe.

Bye ghouls
Blog to you soon.